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Vintage Beauty

27 Jul

Nancy Carroll - by Eugene Robert Richee


What do the Miss USA 2010 Contestants and I Have in Common

17 May
Miss USA 2010
Note:  When I first wrote this post, I was looking for photos on line of the contestants while I was watching the Miss USA pageant on television.  Now I have to say, I did NOT watch to the end.  I got bored.  When I was looking on line for photos, I saw that it mentioned Miss Virginia as being the winner.  Well, what I read misinformed me.  Now I wish I could go back and find the source.  Perhaps it was 2009?  I honestly don’t keep track.  So anyway, I had to change parts of my previous article, after seeing who the winner is today on The Hollywood Gossip and other news sources.  That’s what I get for jumping the gun.  Sorry, so so sorry!

Well, for starters, the Miss USA 2010 contestants and I have nothing in common. Zip, zilch, nada. It is difficult for me to see a difference between any one of them. You basically have to look at their faces to get a glimpse of what their personalities may be like. None of them a bit like mine. But then, I’m not a Miss USA 2010 contender, am I?
After the swimsuit competition, Joan Rivers (a woman I have grown to love) and her daughter, commented on the boobs on one and the perfect body of another (not too thin, muscular)… What show were they a part of? I thought I had switched channels! There was nary a difference in the sticks that held their heads up.  This is proven by the fact that I could swear the Miss Virginia that I had posted as being the winner, was not the winner and she must have been from another year.
Women used to eat. Colorado has (used to have) big portions of everything, every where you turn. This Miss Colorado has never eaten a Colorado meal in her life. And miss Wyoming does not get her hands on that home-grown cattle; wait, maybe all the cattle there, has been bought out by corporate farms (this would be most sad). Miss Kansas has eaten corn, but then threw it right back up. As for Miss Virginia, she just may actually represent;  it is quite apparent that she lives on a diet of English tea – no cakes, but she does know how to make a Texas toast and cheese sandwich, which is nada in the nutrition department – you can’t blame her for being confused when she started down the glamour stairs to the runway (poor thing). And she’s not big on smiling either, as you can see from the photo on the left.  But that didn’t stop judges from loving her.  She was in the top 12 the last I watched.
I have to say though that one and only one, stood out to me.  That was Miss Michigan.  I admit I did love something about her from the second I saw her.  She had personality and a certain confidence; others lacked in those departments.  She IS gorgeous.  Truly she is.  And unlike the other girls, I liked what I saw in her eyes.   Apparently the judges saw what I saw, because she did, in fact win.  She’s Muslim American to boot.
Miss USA 2010 being crowned.

Am I offended?  No, I’m not.  These pageants don’t hold too much weight in my mind.  As for jealous, as trump mentioned would be a word to substitute for offended, hardly, and I say this as sincerely and honestly as I ever could.  At my most gorgeous and wise (which would be now) and even at my most immature (which would have been most of my life) I have never been so bland as these ladies. I have always stood out in a crowd in a most positive way. I too could wear a plastic bag and walk it like the highest of Haute Couture. I am most proud that I could always actually hold that bag up with a gorgeous, yet subtle, curves, broad shoulders, sexy sway, and classic yet exotic looks.

Here’s to a most delicious salad, a side of chicken, an orange, (or some barbecued steak with lemon, home-made mashed potatoes – because I make the best there is and I’m not afraid of butter – and some grilled mushrooms and zucchini) and a glass of delicious champagne. Because I’m worth it. I’m no Miss USA, but I do wear an “I’m Fabulous” crown…and I’m proud.

Miss USA 2010 Crown
I think I’d look fabulous!  So would you, don’t you think?
I really need to get more pics of me.  Perhaps I can hire the same people who did the Miss USA 2010 gals?

Greece and the Dow actually a good thing

8 May

Lots of people were and are a bit freaked out about the dow drop on Friday in relation to Greece.  But it did balance itself out, and it was a good thing. The drop and subsequent rise is really bringing a much sought after stability to the market.

When I first heard about this, I most probably heard about it in a much more realistic and full bodied way than most.  Yes, I got my news via NPR.  So when I heard the scare tactics used by news stations on television to gain viewers, I thought to myself, “Oh palease.  The general public is NOT going to get the right info, are they?”  Well, I spent some time on the net and found some information on this issue that effected the Dow.  So to better educate anyone who wants to be, here is a link and video I found to be useful.

Yes, there is much light at the end of the tunnel.  All I can say is, thanks Greece, you done well.

All results Greece+dow on

U by Kotex ads break the cycle

27 Apr

It’s rare that you see an ad lately that just knocks you off your feet with perfection.  For me, they’ve been few and far between these last 10 and some odd years.  Used to be I looked forward to commercials alsmost as much as the show I was watching.  Those days are long gone.  Almost.  Now there’s U by Kotex and I am in love.

First of all, Kotex is my preferred brand of pad, so Kotex is a product line that interests me.

Second of all, have you see the U by Kotex ads?  They suck you in.  The gal that is informing us of U by Kotex, in the first U by Kotex ad I saw, is friendly, personable, and gave me information I could totally relate to.  Her sarcasm is so right on.  This ad is entitled “Reality Check”and is one of my favorites.

For those of you that may not have heard, Kotex is running a “Break the Cycle” campaign.  The Break the Cyle campaign is not geared to literally break women’s “cycles”, but it is dedicated to making them less painful to some respect. Kotex has designed their campaign to spread feminine confidence and true knowledge of what women’s body parts are really called and that sort of thing.  With Kotex, you don’t have to be ashamed to be a woman.  We’re real and we’re awesome.  And Kotex is backing us up every step of the way.

Let’s help bring society up to speed on vaginal issues and take back the word “vagina.” Have you helped take it back? Maybe you’ve quit using nicknames like va-jay-jay, or started talking more openly about period stuff with your friends. You can share other period stories too. Whatever your story, let’s hear it.

Yeah, you can even write your own story or record (upload) your own story, right onto the U by Kotex site.

To view their way awesome video ads, got to, click on the “Get Real” tab, and you’ll find video choices under “Tellin’ it like it is”.  Become inspired, transpired, and aspire, with U by Kotex.

note and disclaimer from blogger: The only way that I am affiliated with Kotex is the fact that I use and love their products.  I am simply a fan and have not been compensated in any way by Kotex or any of their affiliates.  however, if they would like to compensate me for my support and loyalty, payment in pads would be just grand.

Photo found at on blogspot.

Pianos, Cats, and Dr. Seuss

28 Mar

My good friend Joe (can I call him a good friend?  I mean I don’t really know him, but I do think he’s wonderful and very talented and funny and comes up with some wonderful ideas and things to say) wrote a blog post the other day that inspired me to walk down memory lane to my wee years.


My piano teacher when I was four lived around the corner from us. About two or three houses down? Her name was Mrs. Grueber.  She was an older lady, probably in her forties, but maybe younger (at four years old it’s hard to really tell how old people really are.)  Mrs. Grueber wore glasses with a sparkly chain.  Her house was cozy, made even cozier by the many cats that she owned.  Back then there weren’t limits like there are now.  Yes, she was a cat person.  And so was I.

Her many cats would pop in and out, most of them quite shy.  If I was lucky, she’d find one after our lesson so that I could pet it.  Soft, long fur.  Mesmerizing eyes.  Mysterious.  Independent.

Mrs. Grueber let me sing while I played. “Snug as a bug in a rug”.  C-D-E-F-E-D-C.  Was that it?  And poor Mrs. Grueber when I learned “I’ve got, a date to-night… I’ve got-ta look just right… So boys, that’s where my money goes… My… mo-ney… goooooes.”  I still remember it.  I will probably always remember it.

Mrs. Grueber had lots of books.  Her children (son and daughter) were all grown up and in College), so they (those precious, elementary books, sat around as memories of simpler days.  She introduced me to Dr. Seuss.   She had found me eyeing them at her house and knew that I loved to read.  She also knew that my library was limited to a small handful of books, namely Jack and the Bean Stalk and The Pied Piper of Hamilton and a special book of nursery rhymes (that one I still have).   So she came over one day to drop off some Dr. Seuss books, and one of the books she gave me was One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  I read and read and read till I got it right. I remember being fascinated. It’s still my favourite book, and yes, I have passed it on to my little ones.

It’s the little things in life that make it oh so sweet.  Thanks Joe, for that reminder.


Google offers more layout options for bloggers

27 Mar
Now I can be just as stylish as I want, whenever I want.  Thanks Thanks Blogger.

Way cool and not a moment too soon, Blogger template designer is now offering us bloggers some great new layout options.  That’s just what you see here.  One of the hundreds of layout options offered.

What can you do?

  • Change themes, 
  • placements, 
  • layouts, 
  • backgrounds, 
  • colors, 
  • widgets, 
  • number of columns and where you want those columns to be
  • modify column widths
  • more more more.

It’s definitely worth the play around.  Got questions or want to find out more?  Just go to this link.  It’s a drag and drop designer’s dream come true.  And if you’re into css, well you can add that as well.  The options are a plenty.  

Their motto:  Express Yourself.
And that’s exactly what I intend to do.


Judy Holliday Saturday Night Videos

20 Mar

Judy Holliday, starlet, singer, beauty of an era long gone but not forgotten.  Judy was born in 1921 and graduated high school in 1938.  Her IQ?  it was pretty high.  1721.  Not bad for a beautiful lady.  
Too young to go to University, she became a switchboard operator.  A normal job for a girl in those days.  (Truth be told, I secretly wanted to be one myself.)  What no one knew, not yet anyway, was that she was a terrific script writer, and a far out singer.  
She soon got the career she wanted.  Prove herself, she did; on screen, off screen, and on Broadway.  
Here’s a bit of Judy Holliday for your reminiscing pleasure.


For more on Judy Holliday, here’s a useful link: Judy Holliday Bio