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Sunday afternoon thoughts

26 Apr

Sunday afternoons are thoughtful times. If you’ve been to church, great. If you haven’t fantastic. If you’ve had brunch, fabulous. If you’re still asleep, way to go.

Doesn’t matter what Sunday means to you. What does matter is that it’s Sunday, and a good sunday afternoon means being in the moment.

We used to spend Sundays reading the newspaper. Sunday barbeques with friends and family were always a big hit in the spring and summer. A visit to the zoo was always a fun past time. Laying around reading a book or some comics. Watching a Sunday matinee was always a nice treat. And so was going on an afternoon walk and Sunday afternoon family time, riding bikes, doing whatever.

Are those Sunday’s long gone? They don’t have to be.

What did you used to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Remember when.
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